Curb Appeal is Sale Appeal

Curb AppealWhy is ‘Curb Appeal” such a big deal in getting your home sold? I’m glad you asked. This blog is a short primer on why the outside of your home matters almost as much as the inside! 


While HGTV gets great ratings on shows that talk about staging the INTERIOR of your home… I want to raise a quick flag about making sure the EXTERIOR of your home is equally considered when selling your home. 


Sadly, people do judge books by their covers. And buyers will PRE-judge your interior before ever seeing inside if they are taken back by the exterior. So let’s talk about some essentials.  


First, let’s agree on what exactly is curb appeal. In its most straightforward form, curb appeal is a subjective appreciation for a physical asset. Specifically, this refers to the level of attractiveness one may feel for a property when viewing it from the street. The house presents itself well, and all of the typical components are in place: the yard is well-kept, the paint is vibrant, the siding looks good, the roof is intact, and things are in order. Curb appeal sets expectations. Prospective buyers are more inclined to look inside if they like what they see on the outside. 


Everyone wants their home to have a “wow” factor… but let’s be honest; not every home will have that “wow” factor. But, at a minimum, your property shouldn’t turn off a vast majority of buyers. So, in many regards, our job here is to minimize any negative elements. 



Don’t be overwhelmed…most of these improvements aren’t too difficult. 





Driveways full of weeds or cracks won’t present your property in the best light. Fixing this can be as easy as a bottle of weed spray and twenty minutes of labor. 






Few features will either turn away or attract prospective buyers more than a home’s roof. If the roof is old and has only a few years left, you will receive a positive return on your money by replacing it and trying to sell the home for a higher price. If the buyer doesn’t get a HUGE discount, they won’t want to spend to replace the roof. It is an option for the seller, but I like to keep my clients getting top dollar even if it requires them investing some money before the sale. 






Landscaping improvements can be as simple or as complex as you want to make them. Start with the grass and go from there. Then you should focus on the area immediately nearest to the house. A fresh layer of mulch can completely transform a property’s exterior. My advice to get a full picture of the home’s curb appeal, drive down your street, and take note of the first thing that stands out upon pulling up. These items are what others will notice, as well.






In addition to the roof, you also should look at the siding and exterior of the property itself. A dirty exterior is something that should not be ignored. Power washing a deck or the siding of your property won’t take very long but will have a significant impact. 



Front Door



Instead of replacing the door entirely, start by seeing if a fresh coat of paint will be enough to give it an updated look. If you are looking for a more permanent fix, a new door is certainly money well spent and will come with an impressive ROI.


So, this was a quick primer on Curb Appeal. I’m not a fan of working with buyers who are always trying to low-ball my sellers. A small amount of effort on your home’s curb appeal will pay off where it matters most: your profit! 


Maria Kalafatich

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New and Unique Reason for Higher Home Prices

Home Prices

A couple of articles came across my desk this week that I found… interesting. 

Redfin, a Seattle based Real Estate brokerage did some research and the Wall Street Journal expanded it into an article. 

Their research showed them that home ownership has increased from an average of eight years to around thirteen years! This average increase has increased in just the last nine years. 

If this five-year increase happened over a few decades, no one would notice much. Or, they would have attributed the change to an aging demographic. But this increase was five years occurring over a period of around nine years. A homeownership change like this has created a marked decrease in the available homes for sale! 

Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather told The Wall Street Journal: “If people aren’t moving on, there just are fewer and fewer homes available for new-home buyers,” 

As I suspected, Baby Boomers ages 67 to 85 are not moving. Freddie Mac blamed this reality for creating a shortage of 1.6 million homes 

While I haven’t personally done similar research in the Pacific Northwest, I would concur that this is also happening here. More and more first-time buyers are finding it harder to find a home that is affordable.  If you are a ‘statistic junkie’ like I am, you’ll love the info at the bottom of this post.

Now…don’t take this new reality as all bad news. 

First, this information shows that the long-term investment in homeownership is stronger than ever. People who consistently pay off their homes will make their strongest investment! 

If you are looking…don’t despair. You are on the right path and I would love to help you start making equity that will benefit you for decades. 

But…if you’ve been in your home for a while… this would be a great time to at least test the waters. If you can downsize, or if you are thinking about moving somewhere new, now is a great time to call me and we can look at some comps and evaluate your possibilities. 

In the real estate world, bad news to some people can be GREAT news to you…as long as you have a real estate agent who knows how to navigate the process. 

I’d love to talk and weigh out some options. A tough time for buyers can be the perfect situation for someone wanting to maximize their selling price!

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Now Is a Great Time to Buy


There are many conflicting voices in the Real Estate world. But I’ve been around enough to know some good trends when I see them. Give me a couple minutes of your time and I’ll tell you why now is a great time to buy your first home, or move up to the home you and your family needs. 

1. Value


Contrary to popular belief, the affordability is about more than price. Yes, prices moving up, but so are wages. Most importantly, over the long run, interest rates are incredibly low. This means you will spend thousands less on interest during the life of the home. 

The National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) latest Affordability Index report revealed that homes are MORE affordable throughout the country today than they were a year ago.

“All four regions saw an increase in affordability from a year ago. The South had the biggest gain in affordability of 6.9%, followed by the West with a gain of 6.0%. The Midwest had an increase of 5.8%, followed by the Northeast with the smallest gain of 1.8%.”


2. Mortgage Interest Rates


Mortgage rates have dropped almost a full point after heading toward 5% last fall and early winter. Currently, they are below 4%.

30 year fixed mortgage rate

Experts are predicting that average mortgage rates may drop to 3.7% before the year is over. That is down from 4.4% average at the beginning of the year. 


Lower interest rates usually trigger higher home appreciation. The same home next year will most likely cost more. You might as well be on the winning side of that equation as a homeowner. So, take advantage of these historic low rates before they naturally rise again. 


3. Increase Family Wealth



Owning a home is the cornerstone of the American dream. Most American’s build their net-worth through home appreciation. Its time for you to get in on the strategy. 

ATTOM Data Solutions recently reported that:

“U.S. homeowners who sold in the second quarter of 2019 realized an average home price gain since purchase of $67,500, up from an average gain of $57,706 in Q1 2019 and up from an average gain of $60,100 in Q2 2018. The average home seller gain of $67,500 in Q2 2019 represented an average 33.9 percent return as a percentage of original purchase price.”

Historically, home prices continue to rise. The longer you wait, the less you can benefit from home appreciation. 


The Time is NOW!

To recap: Affordability and home value are increasing. Mortgage rates are decreasing. And home values are looking to go up in a hurry. 

Don’t wait- give me a call and at least let me look at your situation! What do you have to lose? Let’s at least see if this is the best time for you. 

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Home is…where the Home is. 

home is where the home is

I just read something that blew my mind…for a moment.

Gig Harbor has TRIPLED in size since 1990. TRIPLED!!

At first, that took my breath away. Then I realized others have made the same conclusion that I
have…Gig Harbor is a great place to live!
Where else are you going to get a small-town feel with major city amenities a short drive- or
ferry ride- away?
Our schools are awesome, travel is greatly improved with the second, Narrows bridge and our
walkable downtown is the perfect weekend activity.

So, with all that as the upside…what is the downside?

First of all, let’s state the obvious: More people came to Gig Harbor but the square footage of
the town hasn’t budged.
Some would point to the high home prices…but let’s talk about that.
Part of the reason I have been successful over the years is I have been able to help people
discern what is the greatest VALUE to them.
For some its view. For some its proximity to downtown or schools. Others are looking for a fixer
upper. This is where I come in.
My expertise is in helping buyers know where their value sweet spot lies. You tell me what
features are ‘must haves,’ and I go to work finding the best homes for your budget.
If you are a seller, I help you highlight and emphasize which features in your home will make a
buyer’s heart race! This way we can encourage them to make a more enthusiastic offer on your

Listen to what a recent client had to say:

“I appreciate Maria taking time to figure out what I wanted, and more importantly what I felt I
was comfortable paying. She was instrumental in me getting a mortgage that worked for me as
well. On top of all that Maria is friendly, and strongly represented me when meeting with sellers’
agents. My daughter will be requesting Maria in another year or so, as she gets her down
payment. Any other newcomers to the area will get my recommendation for Maria, as well.”
Lisa Mahony/Gig Harbor (Buyer)

Thanks, Lisa! I had a great time working with you & look forward to working with your daughter

Sometimes following the crowd isn’t a good idea…but when more and more educated people
are choosing Gig Harbor, you can’t argue with them! But what will help you is to make sure you
let me serve you in finding the right house or selling your house
I moved to Gig Harbor in the fourth grade, growing up I watched my father build many of
the homes in the harbor we love. So, whether you are buying or selling I am confident I can
maximize the experience.
Oh…I also help people outside of Gig Harbor, but today’s post is all about how much I love the
little town I call home.

But wherever you move remember… Home is where the home is. And I would be honored to help on your journey.

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Luxury & Privacy Await in Gig Harbor w/this Pristine 3-Bedroom, 2-Bath Craftsman Rambler

Built in 2016 and like new, this meticulously maintained beauty offers a secluded atmosphere to rest, relax, and rejuvenate in! Nestled on 0.77 acres in the Artondale area of Gig Harbor and boasting a 2,300-square-foot layout, you have plenty of room to take advantage of both inside and out. Featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, massive living spaces, and a 3-car garage with additional RV parking, this home is brimming with top-notch amenities and versatility no matter what your needs are. Located at 6902 Silver Springs Dr NW Gig Harbor, WA 98335 with sought after schools and no more than 5 minutes to Highway 16, golf, shopping, and more, this residence is listed for $585,000. (Update: This property went pending in only 2 days!) 

Surrounded by trees and showcasing a blend of classic and contemporary style, this retreat is a delight to arrive home to time and time again. Step inside, and this home’s warm color palette, modern finishes, and stylish design welcome you in. The palatial great room is the center of daily life, making it easy to spend time with loved ones. Relax in the light-filled living room, serve up delicious homemade meals in the formal dining room, and enjoy gathering around the kitchen’s center island whether you’re whipping up meals or having a laid-back snack and visiting with guests! 

The kitchen is the picture of convenience, and handsome cabinetry offers ample storage space for kitchen essentials. The shimmering backsplash adds a touch of modern flair, while the sleek appliances, large counters, and chocolate-hued color palette make for an attractive, timeless aesthetic.

A separate living area/reading room gives you a extra-special space to curate, and the stone-accented fireplace exudes a lodge-inspired feel. The windows offer views into the natural greenery that awaits outside, just adding to the sense that you’re tucked away in a comfortable cabin in the forest! Imagine transforming this space into a library with old world vibes where you can spend hours curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee. Bliss awaits!

This home’s versatile 3 bedrooms provide loved ones with private space to call their own, and the large, restful master suite is a definite highlight. Enjoy views of the tranquil natural scene outside, and you even have a door for direct outdoor access. There’s also an ensuite bath with a soaking tub in the mix, and a walk-in closet makes it easy to stay organized. In addition to the other 2 bedrooms, you’ll find a study/library that provides a quiet, light-filled space that encourages productivity. 

This property’s 0.77 acres gives you ample room to transform, and right now you’ll find a covered patio and lush landscaping to enjoy. Dreaming of having garden beds overflowing with flowers, or raised garden beds for cultivating your very own fruits and veggies in? There’s room for it all with this dynamic Gig Harbor gem!

Living in Gig Harbor

At 6902 Silver Springs Dr NW Gig Harbor, WA 98335 you’re close to a long list of conveniences that make life easier! Gig Harbor Golf Club is only 1 minute from home, and Uptown Gig Harbor is only a 6-minute drive away. Here you can find places like Safeway, HomeGoods, the Galaxy Uptown Luxury+ Theatre, Rite Aid, Gig Harbor Ace Hardware, the library, MultiCare, and too many eateries and other shops to name! You’re also only 7 minutes to connect to Highway 16.

Interested in learning more? Click here to view the full listing! You can also contact  REALTOR® Maria Kalafatich online here or give her a call/text at (253) 376-5559!

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Stunning Contemporary 4-Bedroom, 2.75-Bath Home in Gig Harbor’s Popular Harbor Hill Community

Built in 2017 and brimming with fabulous modern design throughout, this turnkey home boasts 2,763-square-feet of stylish living. Take advantage of this smart floor plan that includes 4 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, gorgeous living spaces, a huge laundry room, and more! Additionally, features like A/C and included blinds ensure it’s easy to move right in and begin infusing each space with your own unique decor. Located at 3863 Moonlight Ct Gig Harbor, WA 98332 in the highly desired Harbor Hill community and merely minutes to city conveniences, this residence is listed for $554,950.

Classic Craftsman style is elevated to a new level of excellence with this home’s eye-catching exterior. Neat landscaping delights the eye, and new trees have even been added into the mix. Step inside to discover a pristine interior that’s filled with fashionable finishes and an attractive palette of trendy grays. The great room unfolds to reveal the dining area, the main living area, and the chef-ready kitchen, a layout that creates flow and is ideal for spending time with loved ones in. 

Natural light cascades in through crystal-clear windows, just adding to the bright and cheerful atmosphere. In the living area, find ample room for comfy furniture, while an exquisite stone-accented fireplace anchors the space and create a sense of sophistication. Relax and visit with guests, and when it’s time for dinner, the dining area is easily within reach.

Designed with entertaining in mind, the kitchen ensures that whether you’re hosting a crowd or whipping up elaborate homemade meals, you have plenty of space to spread out in. In addition to the sprawling layout that includes a large pantry and ample storage in cabinetry, you’ll also find dazzling quartz countertops, a shimmering backsplash, sleek appliances, and convenient bar-style seating!

On the upper floor, a versatile loft offers the perfect space for an additional living area with an entertainment center. Even more flexible room awaits in this home’s generous 4 bedrooms, ensuring that loved ones each have their own private space. Included is the spectacular master suite, a luxurious haven that boasts a large layout with enough room for a sitting area should you desire it. There’s also a large closet, and an ensuite bath that’s perfect for spa days spent in the comfort of home! Fresh finishes and ample sunlight create the ideal atmosphere for rejuvenation, and the soaking tub promises indulgent bubble baths.

You’ll also find a huge laundry room for your convenience, with a washer, dryer, a sink, tons of storage space, and room for folding. Keeping the home organized and running smoothly is made as easy as possible!

In the fully fenced backyard, you’ll find summertime livin’ at its finest. A covered patio is ready for backyard barbecues and lounging, while the low maintenance, neatly manicured yard is ready for lawn games and play. A beautiful stone wall lines one end of the lawn, and trees will offer privacy and a lovely view as they grow!

Living in Gig Harbor

At 3863 Moonlight Ct Gig Harbor, WA 98332, you’re in a prime Gig Harbor location! Downtown Gig Harbor is only a 6-minute drive away, making it easy to head out for a scenic dinner on the waterfront, or spend a day enjoying all that the downtown area has to offer. When you need to run errands, a long list of amenities can be found less than 1 mile from home along Borgen Boulevard, and places like Costco, Target, The Home Depot, Albertsons, and several other shops, restaurants, and services are all available as well. Plus, you’re only 5 minutes from Highway 16, making it easy to get around the rest of the city and beyond!

Interested in learning more? Click here to view the full listing! You can also contact REALTOR® Maria Kalafatich online here or give her a call/text at (253) 376-5559!

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Luxurious 4-Bedroom, 3.5-Bath Home w/Lovely Views on Fox Island

Boasting west-facing views of the shimmering Carr Inlet and the majestic Olympic Mountains, this picturesque residence is a true Fox Island treasure! With a generous 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, this 5,000-square-foot home offers a sprawling layout. Luxurious details await to impress and delight, whether you’re enjoying the comfort of indoors or the beautiful features that await outside. Located at 1043 Paiute Trail, Fox Island WA, 98333, this home is listed for $699,950.

a045-6a045-7From the moment you pull into the driveway, this retreat captivates and invites! A welcoming front porch greets visitors, and a stunning entryway with a 2-story foyer and an eye-catching staircase make for a grand entrance. Rich hardwoods, stately columns, and stylish trim work set a refined scene. A formal living room and formal dining room offer a separate space to entertain guests, and as you head towards the back of the home, an open-concept living area offers ample space to rest, relax, and enjoy the company of loved ones!

a045-8Expertly designed and offering both style and function, the spacious kitchen showcases sleek appliances, admirable cabinetry, an enviable amount of counter space, and wide windows that fill the room with warm sunlight. A dine-in center island features bar seating, and a nearby dining area offers plenty of room for casual meals or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning while you start the day!

a045-9Journey upstairs to discover the master suite, complete with a huge ensuite bath. Here, find spa-like amenities in a calming atmosphere with an elegant neutral-hued palette. Double sinks, a walk-in shower, and a soaking tub with views of mature trees outside are all yours! The 2nd level is also home to 3 additional bedrooms, a bonus room, and an ample-sized laundry room, perfect for keeping your home running smoothly. On the lower floor, even more space awaits—a huge, versatile area can be used for an entertainment, hobby or play room, and you'll find plenty of space for a fitness center as well!

When the sun comes out and it’s time to stretch your legs, 0.34 acres of beautifully landscaped yard offers a park-like scene for relaxation and play. Fruit trees, a play toy and sport court offer hours of fun, and a deck provides an ideal space for hosting summertime barbecues! For a bit of adventure, head out to the nearby community beach to feel the seaside breeze and go for a scenic stroll.


Living on Fox Island

Home to approximately 3,000 residents, the small island community of Fox Island is brimming with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors! Ideal for those who love exploring, on Fox Island you’ll find places to enjoy the beach, scuba dive, go boating, fishing, and much more. Set against a vacation-worthy scene replete with natural beauty, Fox Island offers views of McNeil Island, the Tacoma Narrows Bridges, Mt Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, and beyond. Despite the more secluded locale, Fox Island is still just minutes away from Tacoma and Gig Harbor.

Interested in learning more about this listing? Contact REALTOR® Maria Kalafatich online here or give her a call/text at (253) 376-5559!

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Gorgeous 2-Story View Home w/4-Bedrooms & 4-Baths on 2.6+ Acres in Port Orchard

Vacation-worthy views, top-of-the-line amenities, and sophisticated style await around every corner in this stunning 2-story home! Nestled on a generous 2.66 acres at 8665 Landing Lane SE, Port Orchard WA, 98367, this residence boasts a picturesque setting both inside and out. With 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths in an expansive 4,590-square-foot layout, this rare beauty is listed for $859,000.

a045-7Built in 1994, this impeccably maintained home is like new and completely move-in ready! On the exterior, exquisite brick details, eye-catching windows, and an expertly landscaped yard hint at the fine elements that await inside! A stunning entryway with a regal, curved staircase is met with grand vaulted ceilings, welcoming you inside to a lifestyle of comfort and luxury. Immediately to the left, a formal living room offers space to entertain and relax, whether you’re taking in the morning view or enjoying the warmth of the fireplace in the evening. To the right upon entry, discover a secluded study, with plush carpet and dark, rich wainscoting accents.

a045-6a045-8Journey towards the back of the home to discover an open-concept floor plan that includes a spacious great room, kitchen and dining nook! Whether you’re kicking back in the light-filled great room or preparing dinner in the beautifully designed gourmet kitchen, you can enjoy expansive outdoor views of lush emerald trees and the shimmering Colvos Passage just beyond!

A door in the dining nook leads directly out onto the sprawling backyard deck, an incredible space that offers an outdoor haven that’s ready for long, quiet afternoons of relaxing and lively evenings of entertaining! When the sun goes down, warm up by the fire pit amidst the flourishing garden. Nearby, a private community beach offers a secluded area for waterside enjoyment, whether you’re soaking up some sun or enjoying a beachy picnic!

a045-9a045-10Rest and rejuvenation await indoors, and 2 main floor master suites offer ultimate comfort and convenience. Each suite comes with its own spa-like bath and walk-in closet. Find additional space upstairs in a bonus room and craft room; these versatile rooms ensure that there’s plenty of room for hobbies and storage! Additionally, a 3-car garage provides extra space while offering ease and efficiency day in and day out.

Living in Port Orchard

Privacy and natural beauty are aplenty on Landing Lane, and getting around is easy, too! At 8665 Landing Lane SE, Port Orchard WA, 98367, you’re just an 11-minute drive to the Seattle-Vashon-Southworth ferry dock, making it easy to commute to Fauntleroy, near White Center and West Seattle. It’s also a quick 10-minute drive to connect to Highway 16, making it a breeze to head to Gig Harbor, Tacoma, and beyond!

Interested in learning more about this listing? Contact REALTOR® Maria Kalafatich online here or give her a call/text at (253) 376-5559!

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Stunning Contemporary Built-to-Suit 4-Bedroom Home on 1.25 Acres in Gig Harbor

Ultimate comfort and privacy await in this built-to-suit home by NDK Construction! A new, gorgeous contemporary design comes alongside a classic feel in this soon-to-be residence located at 9021 71st Ave NW, Gig Harbor WA 98332. With a generous 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, this expansive 2,832-square-foot home is beautifully situated on a sprawling 1.25 acres. Facing west and set in the quiet of the country, this home is listed for $712,500.


Built with the highest quality of craftsmanship, NDK Construction is ready to deliver another top-of-the-line home complete with natural materials. A carefully designed exterior boasts engaging textures and a rich, warm color palette, and an eye-catching 2-story foyer welcomes you inside. It’s seamless floor plan promotes a great, open entertaining atmosphere. An expansive great room invites you to kick back and relax next to a stately fireplace, and an open concept design leads directly into a dining room that opens up to a patio (complete with a BBQ!) and deck, ideal for hosting summertime get-togethers and enjoying quiet mornings outside with a cup of coffee!

Just past the dining room, you’ll discover a dynamic gourmet kitchen. The kitchen comes complete with a pantry, center island, 2 sinks, and lots of counter space for meal prep convenience. The main level also includes a den (that could easily be converted to a bedroom, a handy laundry room, and a generously sized 3-car garage.

a045-1Journey upstairs to find a quiet haven of relaxation! Enter the sprawling master suite through impressive double doors to discover a spacious bedroom (with lovely wide windows), an indulgent spa-like 5-piece master suite, and a huge walk-in closet. 2 additional bedrooms (with private sinks and a shared bathroom) include their own walk-in closets, and a study offers an ideal space to work in.



Lot 1 from the Corner of of 90th st ct & 71st av looking Northea

Lot 1 from the Corner of of 90th st ct & 71st av looking Northea

Living in Gig Harbor

Boasting the comfort of the country alongside the conveniences and amenities of Gig Harbor, this home is in the Rosedale neighborhood of Gig Harbor. Known for its incredible scenic views and active maritime scene, Gig Harbor is an oasis for those who love the outdoors! At 9021 71st Ave NW, Gig Harbor WA 98332, you’re not only a few minutes drive to the waterfront and downtown Gig Harbor, but also just minutes away from outdoor retreats like Sehmel Homestead Park and McCormick Forest Park. Plus, you’re just a quick 8-minute drive to Highway 16, making it easy to connect to Tacoma and beyond.

Interested in learning more about this listing? Contact REALTOR® Maria Kalafatich online here or give her a call/text at (253) 376-5559!

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Incredible 3-Bedroom Home w/Views of Hales Passage & Fox Island Bridge on Fox Island

With spectacular views of Hales Passage and the Fox Island Bridge, this vacation-worthy residence on highly desirable Fox Island is a dream both inside and out! Resting on a quiet 0.82 acre property, this 3-bedroom, 2.75-bath retreat is right next to the beautiful Bella Bella beach. Located at 194 Bella Bella Dr NW, Fox Island WA 98333, this 2,090 sq. ft. residence is listed for $615,000.

A lush scene of eye-catching landscaping and detailed exterior decor greet visitors as soon as they catch a glimpse of this home sweet home. A sprawling covered outdoor deck offers a relaxing space to enjoy views of the shimmering water, no matter rain or shine! Entertaining guests for outdoor dinner parties against a backdrop of the shimmering Sound, or simply sipping a quiet cup of coffee in the morning as the sun rises are made extra enjoyable in this outdoor space!

Similar views are offered from inside, and the open-concept layout of the great room encourages togetherness and flow. The great room boasts inspiring vaulted ceilings, and light cascades in through tall sunlights. The gourmet kitchen is in the heart of it all, and comes complete with sleek stainless steel appliances and exquisite granite and tile details. Plus, a large island and versatile dining space are perfect for enjoying casual meals at! Upstairs, even more space for relaxing and hanging out in can be found—a living space ideal for transforming into an entertainment or recreation area boasts unique ceilings and an open-concept layout.

When it’s time for privacy and rejuvenation, head to the larger master suite on the main level. Replete with beautiful windows, vaulted ceilings, an ensuite bath and walk-in closet, the master suite is the ultimate picture of comfort and convenience. Another guest suite can be found on the main floor as well!  

Living on Fox Island

The small island community of Fox Island is home to approximately 3,000 residents, and while the area enjoys privacy, it’s still just minutes away from Tacoma and Gig Harbor. Getting out and about is easy, and the island offers its fair share of small businesses, services and restaurants. The setting is especially ideal for those who love exploring, and a visit to the beach, scuba diving, boating and fishing are a few of the popular activities available!

An outdoor-lovers paradise, Fox Island also offers a seemingly neverending supply of stunning views: Mt. Rainier, the snowy Olympic Mountains, McNeil Island, the Tacoma Narrows Bridges and more set the scene of natural beauty!


Interested in learning more about this listing? Contact REALTOR® Maria Kalafatich online here or give her a call/text at (253) 376-5559!


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